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Hear what our plumbing customers in Aventura, Sunny Isle Beach and North Miami have to say about our plumbing services.

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Prompt, knowledgeable, polite and skillful. Most impressively, they left a clean work area when they were done with the job! Their prices were reasonable and I highly recommend them. I have utilized their service in my home a number of times and certainly will again next time it’s called for.

– Simeon – Aventura, FL
I had a flooding kitchen and I hired 2 plumbers. They said they would have to break my kitchen floor, re-do all the piping under, and I was like what? So I called another plumbing company which was Sparkle Plumbing, they came over and told me that all I had was a clog sink. A plumber unclogged my sink and got it done in minutes. I would highly recommend Sparkle Plumbing after my experienced.

– Adeline – Sunny Isle Beach, FL

Haim-plumber extraordinaire. I used this company right after the hurricane and they were awesome. A true life saver to so many in our community . They showed up on time and did an incredible job. I will never use another company.

– Sura – Aventura, FL
Great plumbing service and very proffetional , price was affordable too. I recommend to everybody

– Henry – North Miami, FL
I had a problem in my house. It was very bad. I needed help from a plumber very badly to fix my problem. I called this company and they came very fast and right away to help. They were very understandable and very nice. They got the job done quickly and I never got the problem I had in my house ever again. They charge you at a very fair price and I truly recommend if a problem pops up at your house, to call this company. You can always rely on them to help you.

– Y.E. – Aventura, FL
We had a small plumbing issue at my prior place of employment. Haim sent the nearest plumber he had in the area which solved the issue quickly and efficiently. Thank You!

– Shia – Sunny Isle Beach, FL
Great service! Called Sparkle Plumbing at 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon and they came to my apartment in 25 minutes and fixed the problem immediately! Would highly recommend for emergency plumbing

– Erez – Sunny Isle Beach, FL
This morning I woke up and discovered that a pipe had exploded in my bathroom and everything started to run down on the floor. I called Sparkle Plumbing and they arrived very quickly, very professional and an excellent price. I highly recommend to anyone who needs this service!

– David – Aventura, FL